Terms & Conditions

Following information is legally undertaken by customers and users of For purpose of these Terms & Conditions, which is a request for a prescription and supply of solutions or medicine shall be referred to as ‘information’ or ‘about the product’.

These informed Terms & Conditions are very important and must be accepted before getting information about medication from this informative website. The website is aimed at ensuring our customers and patients to know their responsibilities regarding use of tablets, medicines and treatments available from this site.

Before information is grabbed from this site, make sure you have gone through these terms & conditions are accepted.

Customer Identity Confirmation and Requests of ID
For knowing more or asking for some more help through contact us, we need to ensure that patients are over the age of 18 and reside at address they have provided while getting the medicine. We conduct this act by checking card details which are provided against the address the card is registered at. Method also aids u to protect against exposure to fraud.

In case there are discrepancies with details you provide, we shall ask you for copies of ID documents. This can be provided to us by scanning and uploading on this website or mailing us. This procedure is performed without discrimination and is non-negotiable. We completely understand that on occasion our customers shall wish not to provide ID. Should you not wish for providing ID it is your responsibility for informing us so that we can give you full information you asked for.

  • The request of ID is not unusual for cardholder not present transactions for mailing the information and internet knowledge

Your Information
It is your responsibility for ensuring that the information, which you have provided, is completely accurate. shall not accept responsibility for your security shall go compromising as a result of incorrect address information provided by you.

It is your responsibility for ensuring that you are able to receive emails from regarding your asked information. Also make sure that you check any spam folder that you may have, as our confirmation emails sometimes get arrived there.

Majority of issues which occur are because of the communication from has not reached the customer.

Website Usage
The text used in the information that is found on this website can be easily found in numerous resources on internet. Following copyright notices apply to organisation, structure and arrangement of this information.

Following terms are due for the usage of this website and are undertaken by any user or customer of this online pharmacy:

  1. All images on this online pharmacy, contain a watermark which can be identified upon examination by product which is very much genuine. Usage of this website completely indemnify, from responsibility of any event, which shall occurs directly or indirectly from use of this website or from events caused by use of this informative website. The website users accept that they are personally responsible for any damage leads by trojans, viruses or worms caused by use of this website or in communication to or from this site
  2. Users of this site are accepting that IP address of their computer shall be recorded by server of this pharmacy and their activity on this website shall be recorded and maybe used to compile usage statistics
  3. Users of this site are known to accept that if they deliberately commit malicious acts towards this website, their IP address shall be recorded, passed to relevant authorities and blacklisted from

Medical Related Terms & Conditions
Know some mentioned medicine specific Terms & Conditions and general legal conditions. shall at times be referred to in such terms as ‘this website’.

  1. Customers are also authorising informative pharmacists of for providing appropriate information of the medication as per the need of the patient
  2. Customer consuming full responsibility for any effects, benefits, side effects or grievance which is occurring as a result of taking medication
  3. Customers those are accessing website are confirming that they are over 18 years of age
  4. Customers that are using the information of website are confirming products that they purchase are for themselves
  5. Customers getting information from this website are taking full legal responsibility for taking products and medications into their country of residence or country they specify on the delivery address
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