Fildena Professional

Fildena Professional is sublingual tabs form of 100mg
Among most popular Erectile Dysfunction treating Sildenafil Citrate composed medicines; Fildena Professional truly stands out as single greatest alternative to the branded version of medicine.

The sensational Fildena Professional medication is a preparation that is applied for therapy of erectile disorder in impotent men. The medicine composed of Sildenafil Citrate 100mg, acts by assisting for enhancing flow of blood stream into penile while being sexual stimulation. This action mechanism helps impotent men to achieve and maintain penile erection. The refined active substance of this medicine composed of Sildenafil Citrate, which boosts male sexual activity, resulting in enhanced penile potency.

Exclusive Benefits of Fildena Professional

The Professional form of medicine features a power-packed solution, which aids to restore sexual option no matter how compromised it is.

  • The medicine is composed of Sildenafil Citrate in strength of 100mg, which is a dosage that is efficient in 92% of individuals and ranks highest on list of Erectile Dysfunction treating medicine with elevated option
  • One sublingual tablet of Fildena Professional provides an extra repair for erectile power over a period of time, which extends for up to 6 hours (which is a regular sildenafil citrate composed pill is effectual during 4 hours). During this action mechanism impotent man is able to achieve penile erection with ease and it provides it for as long as it is desirable, practice electrifying orgasms, for having a head-start on sexual recharges post every productively completed sexual act and to maximally satisfy their partner
  • The professional medicine is known for aiding impotent men with impaired bloodstream, broken nerves, etc.
  • ED medicine enhances blood circulation not only in zone involved in erectile process, but in the whole body. The medicine is known to be beneficial for general health as your sex life reflects your entire life
  • Fildena Professional is essential for diabetics. Sildenafil Citrate component in the medicine can assist diabetic men for getting normal penile erection, it was established that this medical preparation is very effectual. Gradual use of this medication in men having diabetes can significantly improve impotence issue

Mechanism of Action

The main active component Sildenafil Citrate in this medicine is a mild vasodilator with properties to boost up the blood stream to particular parts of the body. The component in the medicine is absorbed to blood stream and is quickly distributed into body tissues encircling penile area. However, in the penile area nitric oxide production is promoted.

Sildenafil Citrate in the medicine is known for blocking an enzyme called of PDE5 and thus is titled PDE5 inhibitor. In therapeutic dosages, sildenafil citrate component in the medicine acts selectively for preventing PDE5 from inhibiting healthy erections. In greater dosages the medical preparation can interfere with PDE of other types that are found in the body.

Upon consuming Fildena Professional, it is only upon sexual stimulation that the erectile process is set off. The component in sublingual tablet provides blood stream to penile. It gets filled with blood and expands. After a man consumes this medicine, he has to be sexually stimulated for its effect to be activated. Foreplay including kissing or touching can be used as a sexual trigger.

Dosage Guidelines

Fildena Professional tablet comes in one dosage of 100mg Sildenafil Citrate:

100mg strength of Sildenafil Citrate in the medicine is maximal advised dosage. You should not consume more than 100mg per day. The sublingual tablets are suitable for consumption by men that do not get penile erection hard enough for penetration and are tired of consuming normal conventional tablets for treating their impotence issue.

Recommendations for Consumption

  • Fildena Professional tablets works best when consumed post a light meal or only on an empty stomach. The more you get used to consequences of sildenafil citrate in tablet, the better your body’s response becomes
  • The ED tablet shall reveal its maximal efficiency after few consumptions
  • Continue regular Erectile Dysfunction therapy at minimal efficient dosage in order to minimize risk of adverse reactions
  • Taking high fat meals content should to be avoided when you are planning to consume ED medicine as the combination shall lower effectiveness of ED tablet
  • Same goes for grapefruit and grapefruit juice recognized for containing substances, which impede intestinal absorption of major part of all medicinal parts

Results Achieved With Fildena Professional Consumption

  • Restoring power of achieving penile erection
  • Power for providing penile erection throughout sexual act
  • Enhancing sexual endurance
  • Shortening post-coital recovery
  • Enhances control over premature ejaculation in impotent men
  • Provides better stamina and virility to new levels
  • Resolves sexual anxiety


Make sure you store the medicine at normal room temperature between 68 to 77°F (20 to 25°C) away from light and moisture. Avoid storing the medicine in the bathroom or any moisture prone place. Keep all medications away from the reach of children and pets.

Compatibility with Other Drugs

Before you start consumption of sublingual Fildena Professional tablet, it is absolutely needed to inform your healthcare specialist about various medications that you are currently consuming/applying, featuring OTC medical preparations, herbal solutions or any consumption of food supplements.


Sildenafil Citrate 100mg composed sublingual tablet can be consumed only with the healthcare provider’s supervision. It is intended for men’s only use. Women, kids, and teenagers mustn’t use the medicine as it may result in various health impacts. Other health warnings that are associated with the professional medicine are outlined below:

  • Never use the ED treating medicine for any other purpose including a recreational drug since it shall prove bad for your wellbeing. Utilize the medicine just for impotence treatment
  • The medicine should not be adopted on a habitual basis as it results in addiction and you shall face severe health risks because after its consumption
  • In case you are consuming any prescribed medicines make sure you inform your physician about it prior consumption of Sildenafil Citrate composed tablet

Contraindications of this treatment

There are few specific medicines which should never cross react with Sildenafil Citrate compose medicine. The medicine could lead to chemical reactions that further results in formation of unwanted hazardous compounds within body. Here are some contraindications with this ED medicine:

  • Consumption of nitrates can lead to some adverse reactions if Fildena is consumed about the same period of time
  • People that are found with hypersensitivity towards sildenafil citrate may come across rashes and such other reactions
  • Enxyme Guanylate cyclase (cGMP) stimulators should never be coupled with Fildena Professional as this also could result in unwanted side effects
  • In spite of some negatives, when used cautiously in optimum amount has been best medicine against erectile function in men. It is hence crucial for consulting the concerned doctor, get the prescribed dosage and make a point to consume it as prescribed. Reporting existence of other issues along with the practice of other medication also plays a key role in working of ED sublingual pill to its fullest ability

Efficacy of Fildena Professional For Impotence

Fildena Professional medicine in sublingual form has always been a powerful solution, which most of the men have been consuming for treating their impotency issues. This medicine has a unique mechanism of action, which makes it highly effective for treating impotence issue.

The time that it takes for working on the human body is also very less and indeed ensures that the effectiveness occurs which remains for longer time. The more number of positive results is being seen year by year and people prefer getting this sublingual medicine at all times. Most of the regular users tend to get this medicine online as it offers several benefits. Placing an order online is more than sufficient for getting a door delivery of the medicine within a very short span of time. Regular users of this medicine have reported complete cure from the condition while people that use higher doses of the medicine while the time of requirement have reported immediately relief from the condition.

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